Aayat Menswear

We Make Men Look Their Best!

To all the men out there looking for the perfect outfits to mark their style statement, check out Aayat’s exclusive range of patterned dress shirts that come with the ultimate blend of comfort, quality, and style. A lot goes into the designing of our shirts and we only feature items we believe our customers would like to buy — and wear! On our website, you’ll find a carefully curated assortment of men’s shirts and accessories, which are the perfect upgrades for your wardrobes. Our objective is to put analyzed trends into an “Aayat” context and provide our customers with the best outfits to help them keep their style quotient high.

Attention to detail is what makes Aayat exclusive! In our premium collection, the spirit and spark of cities of the French Countryside and Mediterranean animate unique prints. Explore our wide range of “Mediterranean” and “French Countryside” inspired Point Collar, Button-Down Collar, Club Collar shirts, designed to keep you in style for any occasion. To achieve excellence in our offerings and provide you with the best quality, we source our fabric from only the most renowned textile mills around the world.

Innovative Details

Removable (and interchangeable) cuffs and collars in our men’s contrast collar and cuff patterned dress shirts create a distinctive and individual look. But there’s a practical side to the novelty: cuffs and collars wear out faster than the rest of your shirts, so you can get more wear out of a signature design as well as adding a personal touch.

A Unique Textile

Our buttery cotton-blend—sourced from renowned textile mills around the world—offers the perfect stretch and flexibility for every day. Our custom-designed prints standout in any room with bold designs in strong and rich hues.

A Modern Stance

The class and style of another era with a fresh twist! Each shirt comes with a matching pocket square for an extra hint of polish when you wear a jacket, and Aayat-embossed metal collar stays to keep you looking crisp and cool. Our shirts are tailored for clean lines and a slim cut that’s perfectly fitted for a trim look.

We strive to help you discover the best version of you! Indulge yourself with our stylish one-of-a-kind shirts that are not only cool but functional! Get your hands on the Aayat’s exclusive range of menswear today!