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  • A French Floral Affair!

    A French Floral Affair!

    It is as exciting as it sounds. If you are like us, then you take complete pleasure in indulging your vain fantasies of walking out, looking like a French painting. It’s true! No point in hiding it. French fashion has transcended time and space, to have become beloved all over the world. It has inspired many contemporary designers and we are no exception! Our love for French colours is visibly seen in our French collection, our printed shirts for men and also in our printed shirts with French cuffs.

    Early to mid 18th century fashion was heavily hand-embroidered jackets accompanied by bold colours. The image of an elegant gentleman was once described “as colourful as a butterfly caterpillar”. Somber colours then came into picture post the French revolution. But the colours have always been worth admiring.

    Powder blues, pinks and greens were popular in early 18th century French fashion. Our longing for a French countryside experience with a four course meal and some wine and cheese probably early in the morning - has inspired our floral printed shirts that are as fresh and feel as young as a secluded French garden. Our inspiration is the same but our medium is print. Printed shirts for men have become more and more common as men have started to experiment. Floral prints combined with French colours, designs inspired by early French fashion. We at aayatmenswear.com are proud of our bold colours and style – the same confidence we wish the wearer to experience. Nothing is more attractive than a man who is confident. Nothing is more empowering than a man who feels good in his skin, unafraid of prints that are looked at as feminine. 

    Our French-cuffed shirts also come in printed designs, with solid cuffs and collars. A little more French never hurt anyone. These are colours that look stylish but also pleasing. Made to make the wearer feel great in their skin, comfortable, relaxed and approachable by others. Believe it or not, what a person wears says a lot about them. If you exude a friendly vibe then, you might just exchange more smiles with strangers and make your friend / acquaintances feel relaxed around you.

    Late 18th century fashion was a far cry from the aristocratic ways of the upper-class French. It made people feel united and one. Silks were replaced by wool. We’ve now chosen cotton. Cotton is a great textile to wear – easy to maintain and has a long shelf-life. It is also eco-friendly. Our printed shirts are made with high quality cotton, processed and tested to have flexibility and longevity which is what people desire. Fashion has come a long way from being the rich man’s privilege. French fashion has come a long way, inspiring new ideas even now. All we hope is that you feel as lively in them as we do while making them.

    You can find our French and other collections at aayatmenswear.com.