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  • Aayat presents Shirt Care 101...

    Aayat presents Shirt Care 101...

    Having the best wardrobe with latest of styles becomes futile without proper care. Having the best dress collection becomes futile if you don’t care for your precious shirts properly – cotton shirt dress, long-sleeved shirts for men or any other style. We bring you a proper guide on how to go about with taking care of your shirts – ensuring their longevity, preserving their quality and also keeping them pretty for as long as possible.

    Proper maintenance is required in terms of washing, drying and storage.

    Wash and Dry Care

    Washing by Hand – Handwashing shirts takes time and patience. This is the most basic cleaning method. What you need to do is check which shirts are hand-wash only. Linen shirts and some French cuff shirts are made with delicate linen, wool or silk which cannot be suitable for harsh machine wash. Some hard stains can be cleared by hand only especially oil or food stains. Natural air-drying is imperative to the washing process. Hang dry them to prevent shrinkage and wrinkles.

    Machine Wash – Machine wash is the easiest method as most cotton shirts can be washed and dried quickly. Most shirts can be run through the laundry machine as long as they are made of cotton. Silk and woolen fabric is not suitable for machine wash. Choose the delicate wash add a cotton-friendly detergent (especially for your cotton friends from aayatmenswear.com) and voila!

    Unbutton all closures and then add them in the machine. Especially for your French cuffed shirts. Separate the colours, pre-treat the stains and accompany with warm water for light colours and cold water for dark colours. Good detergents are a must, the ones that don’t bleed out colours or result in fading of the fabric. Machine dryers can be strong and can cause damage due to heat. Using a low-heat dryer to eliminate excess water is recommended. Follow this with air-drying and you shall be safe from shrinking.

    Dry Cleaning – Regular dry cleaning and pressing is not only costly but also damaging to the clothes. Send them to the cleaners only if you absolutely can’t wash them at home.

    Sending knitted shirts to the cleaners might be a good idea, but we suggest avoiding that run as much as possible. Generic detergents used over time might ruin their texture. Cotton shirts at aayatmenswear.com have high tensile strength that can withstand dry wash, but we rather you would use other washing methods.   

    Cleaning Products – while there are a lot of cotton friendly detergents that are mild and don’t cause much damage and aren’t harsh on the cloth. You can use home products like vinegar, lemon, table salt and warm water for stains.

    Hangers that don’t leave marks, deodorants that won’t leave prints and proper ironing will make your shirts last long – looking fresh and beautiful. We’re here for you, whatever your shirt needs be.