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  • Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing Men’s Floral Shirts.

    Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing Men’s Floral Shirts.

    Floral prints are generally associated with women’s wear, with tropical settings or bedsheets. As trends have been evolving, the floral print is making more appearances in men’s wear than ever before, as the fashion industry moves in on this trend, there’s a whole new world for men to explore with this print. With a few tips on how to pull it off right, this printed shirt will be the next trendiest item in your wardrobe. Here are a few things to keep in mind when styling your floral shirt.

    1. Do try colours you are comfortable with. Wearing a new print, especially a floral print requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Floral men’s shirts in colours you are comfortable with, or used to, could make your first experience with the trend an easy transition. Of course, if you are feeling bold you can go all out and get something that is unusual for your style, but in case you aren’t that sort this helps.
    2. Do start by wearing floral prints for causal occasions. There’s less pressure at such events to dress right and any range of printed men’s shirts will easily be able to help you find something that works for you. Some occasions that require formality may not be the perfect place to flaunt your floral prints.
    3. Don’t mix prints. Avoid mixing prints with your florals, especially not floral with floral. As great as it may look, let your floral shirt be the highlight of your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit toned down to achieve a style that turns heads and has them looking for longer.
    4. Do layer your shirt. Layering gives you the option to control how the floral print comes into focus as part of the outfit. Either with a coloured tee underneath or with a jacket or blazer over the shirt, layering is the way to go if you want the floral but want to add something else to the outfit.
    5. Don’t be afraid of colours. Floral prints often have a wider range of colours in the print than your regular shirts. While you may prefer to opt for neutral base colours, embrace vivid and bold colours in the prints.
    Do experiment. Floral prints have a lot to offer. You can find subtle prints in neutral colours and timid patterns, while you will also come across bold prints in bright, vivid colours, and any combination of these colours and prints. Looking at the right places with a variety of options will help you figure out what works for you best. Our collection at Aayat Menswear has something for all sorts of men, and for all occasions.