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  • Dress Smarter: Stay Away from These 3 Styling Blunders

    As fashion keeps evolving, a plethora of styles and patterns become available to experiment with but that doesn’t mean you get to pick up any random pieces from your wardrobe and put together an outfit. While you may want to exude an effortless and cool vibe, it is of utmost importance that you are careful when choosing your upper and the bottom so that you don’t end up inviting frowns rather than appreciative glances! So, while red floral shirts for men look classic with a nicely fitted pair of black pants and retro with a pair of whites, you probably shouldn’t wear it with blue trousers!

    While all men stay away from the universally frowned upon the sock-with-sandals look, it is a little hard to spot the styling blunders when it comes to formals and semi-formals as these tend to be less obvious. If you are not sure what to steer clear of when it comes to picking outfits just keep these tips in mind and you will not only dress better but also look more confident!

    Here goes:

    1. Baggy trousers that are way too long are to stay away from at all costs. They not only make you appear shorter but even look sloppy. We suggest going with trousers that stop just a little above the tops of your shoes. That is the perfect length for trousers. You may choose to have your pair cuffed by the tailor if you are eager to show off your awesome sock collection.
    2. Finding a suit jacket that is a perfect fit just off the rack is actually a daunting task and, if we are being honest, a little time-taking but that is no excuse to wear an ill-fitted jacket to work or anywhere at all! A jacket’s sleeves must always be just above your wrist bone so that half an inch of your shirt cuff is visible.
    3. Wearing a dress shirt that looks too loose is a rookie mistake most men make at some point in their life. A baggy dress shirt is just going to make you look fatter and frumpier. In other words, just stay away from such shirts! The shoulder seams of the shirt should hit your shoulder edge and the collar shouldn’t have more than 2-fingers room. Also, there shouldn’t be any excess fabric hanging around the torso.

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