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  • Fashion in the Time of Coronavirus

    Fashion in the Time of Coronavirus

    The world has come to a standstill and is recuperating. We’re trying to find ways to adjust to this new world order and lifestyle. While that is happening, art and fashion cannot stop. It will not stop. Maybe you won’t go out much but that doesn’t mean you give up on your fashion game. Here are some tips on fashion in the time of coronavirus – brought to you by aayatmenswear.com:

    Zoom Glam – We know that meetings on zoom have become a major part of our lives. Dressing up for work seems obvious, but from home feels unnecessary. We totally support your priority to comfort, so here are the perfect floral shirts that are breezy, billowy and all around the best choice to look good for work online. They will get you through the day without any hassle.

    Date Nights – Make the best of your time at home with your loved ones by having date nights. Going out isn’t frequent or possible at all, but you can (and should) have the perfect date, right at home - schedule date nights or organize a surprise. And take the time to impress your partner. Our collection of formal shirts, especially our French-cuff collection, should be your obvious choice for a romantic date night. It will get your mind off of despair and who doesn’t need a chance to dress up in these trying times?

    Online Family Brunches – We cannot be the only ones who are missing out on family meetings – crowded, wild, loud, annoying yet fun. Virtual get-togethers and brunches are happening all over and we suggest that you show up dressed and to impress. Let your family know that you’ve been keeping high spirits and holding onto hope no matter what.

    Virtual hang-out with friends – One of the best parts of working was looking forward to the Friday nights that you could hang out with friends, stay late for nightcaps and let loose the week’s stress. But now, who even knows when Fridays are anymore. It’s time to get your days right. It’s time to reinstate Friday nights. Make plans, DRESS UP and show up. Fridays+Friends+Fashion is our new mantra.

    Virtual or at-home Weddings – if there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that love will always find a way. Many plans have been put on hold, but there are also those who cannot wait to start their life together. Weddings have become an intimate affair with only the nearest and dearest of the family being present. If you find yourself attending one of these really or virtually, make the most of this memorable day with our formal collection. With the perfect balance of class and sophistication, Aayat Menswear’s collection of formal shirts should be your style partner on this day.  

    In times such as these where light seems afar, we need to find hope and happiness in even the tiniest of things. For all of us at aayatmenswear.com, clothes and fashion has always been our happy place. We would love to be a part, however small, of your happiness.