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  • Fashion in The Time of Coronavirus!

    Fashion in The Time of Coronavirus!

    If you are like us and have been staying safe, keeping yourself safe inside your homes then with minimal outings, then you know that one of the things people are missing is dressing up and going out. Let us bust another myth here and say that men also look forward to looking their best and going out – whatever may be the occasion. So here we are, yet again, with another fashion planner to help you out. 

    Date Nights (in seclusion) – Now that you’ve surprised your partner with a date or planned one with them, let’s take things up a notch and go out, but in private rooms or in secluded parks or beaches. Put on one of our French cuffed shirts, preferably dark or white. Set up the perfect dinner, nestled amongst lights and candles with your loved one. Whether it be to create some memories in your new relationship, to keep the spark alive, to have some fun or to just get away from the home and kids! Whatever your reason, the perfect person, place, food and clothes are bound to make your day.

    Virtual Walks – SO, this is fairly new. Some kind souls have added on the inter webs, videos of themselves walking in various cities around the world. These are tours at walking pace, and after a few minutes you forget that you are taking a tour from your home. You can do this by yourself or with a friend virtually, dressing up in your vacation clothes – most preferably our printed shirts for men or our other cotton collections. Just go to our website and find some of the best online printed shirts for men.

    A solo-road trip – Road trips are welcome anytime in the year. This has been especially trying and testing and you deserve to get away, even if it is just for a couple of days. Pack two cotton shirts and shorts, food and water in your backpack. Get back into driving mode and drive your car to a quiet, peaceful place near you. Spend some time away from all the news and noise and take some time for yourself. Some time away from the city and your home is bound to do you good.

    Birthday and Graduation Parties – Celebration is never too late. Many turned 21 this year and many graduated from schools and colleges this year. All those people deserve to celebrate their special days, especially in this time where happiness is being found in the smaller things. Wear your best gowns, put on your best formal wear, your best shirtdresses because time is short and celebration shouldn’t be prolonged. Make all days count and dress up!

    Gloves, masks, glasses are all being worn every day. Let’s make it fashion! Pair printed shirts with your gloves, your masks with your French-cuffs. Fashion will always find a way and we don’t you to be left behind. Log onto aayatmenswear.com now and find your fashion in this time.