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  • French Cuffed, a Classic Style Gone Contemporary!

    French Cuffed, a Classic Style Gone Contemporary!

    As the name suggests, French cuffs first originated in France in the 16th century and have been present long before we had Velcros, buttons or even zippers. It has been centuries but cufflinks have still not gone out of style, if anything, they are being used more and more prominently now more than ever. French cuffed shirts by Aayat Menswear are just what you need to make that wardrobe complete, because their lack will leave a void that cannot be replaced by anything.

    Our French cuffed shirts are made with cotton fabrics chosen with tedious precision to bring you only the best apparels – guaranteeing comfort, quality and style. Our French cuffed shirts come with detachable collars and cuffs that you can wear as the occasion and mood deems fit. They’ll add elegance in your wake and a sobriety in style that is the trademark of the French. As mentioned before, this is a centuries old style that never seems to be lost or forgotten, and rightly so. Clothes might not make the man, but we have always believed that they certainly do make a man’s personality. French cuffs were first worn only be people in power. They are no longer reserved just a few men, but they still give the wearer an aura of power. Cufflinks are an important part of formal wear – adding a rather serious tone in the wearer’s demeanor because they add stiffness and hold your outfit together.

    So, what is a cuffed shirt? It is nothing but a shirt with double cuffs that are folded back and held together with a pair of cufflinks. French cuffed shirts are mostly dress shirts are worn under suits and tuxedos. They are dressier than barrel cuffs (shirts with button closures) and have a formal, dresser, business usage. They are best suited for black-tie events, weddings and corporate business wear. If you want to assert a business-like approach then these are the best choice for you. For those men who like the vibe of French cuffs, but would rather go for a semi-formal look – you are at just the right destination. Floral shirts and printed shirts for men are the most famous designs at aayatmenswear.com, here’s the catch though. We also have a range of printed shirts with detachable cuffs so you can mix things up and also achieve the semi-formal look.

    You can wear them under suits or with jackets for sure, but you can wear them just as they are. Aayat French cuffed shirts are not limited to being dress shirts. You can wear them at work just as elegantly as you can wear them at a corporate dinner party or a wedding. An important accessory to these shirts is cufflinks. What cufflinks you choose to pair the shirt with also dictate your look and feel. They can increase or decrease formality based on your need. All in all, French cuffed shirts are classic shirts that every man needs in his closet.