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  • More than Just a Shirt!!!

    More than Just a Shirt!!!

    Save for winter, most men choose shirts over hoodies or t-shirts. Or at least we ladies hope they do! Because there is something undeniably attractive about a man in a shirt. Shirts have stopped serving only a formal purpose. It’s raison d’etre is no longer official. Shirts have blended themselves seamlessly in daily life and we are here for it.

    Men's shirts are the perfect multi-purpose outfit. For a casual trip to the supermarket. For movie nights and dinner dates. On the way to the gym. For staying at home. On a hike. For virtual meetings that you want your drowsiness in. Just state your need and we’ll find the right shirt for you.

    Let’s be honest, many things have happened over the past year – a steep fall in men’s everyday attire is one of them. We’re sure men long to put on freshly cleaned, warm ironed clothes as ardently as we long to see men in them. What better way to update your wardrobe than our latest collections - The breeziness of our Mediterranean linen shirts, the soft cotton texture and the freshness of our floral designs.

    Our Cotton shirts are made from premium cotton so you can be assured that your skin breathes air and what you wear is of high quality. Mediterranean shirts at aayatmenswear.com are for days that you want to feel cozy. They are soft and airy and perfect for a day in or out. If it were us we would definitely choose a picnic in the backyard with a loved one, soaking in the autumn sun and enjoying the most of this time outside before winter sets in. Here’s a picture for you – you are laying down in the grass and a tray of homemade goodies floating towards you while you look like the perfect picture of peace in your soft cotton shirt and the sun hitting your hair with a crinkled smile on your face.

    People attach more meaning to clothes than they realize. Ask yourself, right now, aren’t there some clothes you’re attached to because they remind you of a person, a day, a feeling, an event. And you’ve kept them as memorabilia even if they’ve gotten old. We wish that our clothing inspires such moments for you, that it becomes more than just a piece of cloth that serves to cover you or make you look good.

    Here's looking forward to making more memories as the time comes. We hope you check out our exclusive collection and make us a part of your journey and memory. Nothing would make us happier. Floral, printed, French-inspired and Mediterranean shirts for men, among many others, only at aayatmenswear.com  .