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  • Summer Fashion for Men

    Summer Fashion for Men

    The summer is right around the corner. Bright sunny mornings and clear crisp weather brings with it a good deal of heat and sweat. Looking up to the mark gets hard when it is to hot to maintain your regular style. Certain types of clothes begin to feel stuffy and basic grooming like styling one’s hair can make the heat even more unbearable.

    Here are some summer friendly fashion tips to make sure you’re always looking dapper.

    • Vests or undershirts: it may seem illogical to add another layer of clothing to help you deal with the heat, but undershirts keep the sweat under control, and away from your shirts. This helps maintain shirts better while making the summer more bearable for you.
    • White shirts: You’ve probably heard, there’s no such thing as too many white shirts. And nothing could be truer in the summer. White is a cool colour, temperature wise, and style wise!
    • Shorts: A good pair of shorts will surely make you cool. Look for a versatile pair of shorts, in a neutral shade so you can pair your full sleeves men’s shirts or printed men’s shirts with it for the perfect semi-formal outfit.
    • No-show socks: while much of men’s footwear requires socks, socks can be annoying during the summer, no show socks give you the much-needed functionality of socks while giving your legs all the air they need to get through the summer. No show socks also give you more freedom to style your outfits as the socks are no longer visible.
    • Hats: It’s a pity that hats seem to be going out of style. These amazing accessories can be paired well with anything from polo shirts to printed shirts and blazers too! Make sure the hats you wear are made of a breathable material, so your head is both covered and cool.
    • Fabric choice: an important player in fashion is the fabric used in the clothes we wear. During the summers pick cotton, linen and synthetic blends that are lightweight, absorb sweat and allow your body to breathe.
    • Long sleeves: Keeping yourself covered from the sun really helps deal with the summers. Avoiding exposure to the sun and hot air is quite possibly the best way to handle the heat and long sleeves is the way to go. Long sleeve shirts for men look classy besides working wonders to keep you cool.
    • Button downs: More often than not button-down shirts for men are more comfortable in the summers because the fabrics they are made of, and the fit they usually give. Shirts are airy and looser and are available in cotton and linen blends that absorb sweat well.
    • Handkerchiefs: Handkerchiefs come in real handy in the summers, and qualify as fashion accessories too because well, they are fabric too! Summer doesn’t just make your body sweat, your face sweats too. At such times it helps to have a handkerchief to wipe sweat away and maintain your composure.