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  • The Art of Matching Your Shirts To Your Pants

    A lot of men wear the shirt-pant combination on an everyday basis. Maybe you wear it because of your office dress policy or a personal choice, the classic shirt and pant outfit rarely fails to impress. It is stylish and versatile. And given how many shirts or pants you have in your wardrobe, you can probably come up with a new look every day. But are you doing it right? When matching your shirts to your pants, there are a few things that you need to consider if you want to avoid looking like a sartorial disaster. Here they are:


    1. Colors

    Knowing how to mix and match colors is one of the most basic things that you need to master if you want to nail the shirt and pant look. For instance, the khaki trouser is perfectly complemented by shirts in colors such as gray, white, green, blue and so on. Black trousers can be worn with light yellow, maroon and light pink shirts, among others.

    1. Fabric

    As you may know, your shirts and bottoms are made from different fabrics and you must learn how to match them as well. The most common types of fabrics are cotton, linen, wool, khaki, and denim, and knowing how to play with them to achieve a harmonious look is important. For instance, khaki pants can be paired with cotton, denim, linen and even wool.

    1. Contrast

    The secret to achieving a stylish, elegant look with even the simplest shirt and pants combination is achieving a contrasting effect with the colors. Now, contrast doesn’t mean that you simply pick two different colors and throw them together. They must be cohesive. If you are wearing a light-colored shirt, pair it with a pair of dark trousers and vice versa.

    1. Patterns

    If you feel like taking a bold step with your style, you can always mix and match patterns. But make sure that you do it in a way that is not too chaotic. For instance, floral patterned shirts can be paired with solid colored pants. Striped pants can be paired with polka-dotted shirts.


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