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  • Tips For Dressing Up For Winter Weddings: Guest Edition

    Figuring out what to wear for a winter wedding is more often than not a complete pain in the neck. Summer weddings are easy. All you need to do is throw on your favorite formal suit over a shirt and you are done. Winter weddings, on the other hand, pose quite the fashion conundrum. Your outfit shouldn’t just be appropriate but it should also be able to strike the perfect balance between style and functionality, meaning it should make you look dapper and also keep you warm and toasty.

    Luckily for you, we have some tips that can help you out. Here they are:

    1. Follow the dress code

    To be honest, wedding dress codes can sometimes be quite ambiguous, but it is up to you to decode them. If the invite says ‘black tie’, a tuxedo is your best bet. What is trickier to nail is ‘semi-formal’. Here, you get leeway with suit choices but the safest choice is a sharp suit with or without a tie.

    2. Consider the location

    If you want your wedding outfit vibe to be spot on, keep the location in mind when making your choices. Colors like black and navy as well as patterns like pinstripes and checks are great for city weddings, while earthy tones like browns and greens suit the countryside locations perfectly.

    3. Choose your fabrics wisely

    While this may seem obvious, we think it is wise to state the obvious. Stay away from cotton and linen. Tweed, flannel, wool and even cashmere are the best choices if you don’t want to freeze to death.

    Outfit Ideas

    In case the wedding invite doesn’t mention a dress code and you feel a little lost, here are some outfit ideas for your inspiration:

    1. Shirt + suit

    This is the simplest and easiest outfit for a winter wedding. Pair your flannel or tweed suit with a dress shirt, a classic tie, and some shiny formal shoes or brogues.

    2. Shirt + sweater + chinos + coat

    If the weather is cold, layering is crucial. Layer a sweater or cardigan over your dress shirt and then add a woolen coat over it. Chinos and Chelsea boots will finish off the look perfectly.

    3. Shirt + three-piece suit

    The vest in a three-piece suit will not only give you extra warmth but also lend your outfit some timeless elegance. You can pair the suit with a dress shirt and a tie.

    Just because you are attending a wedding in the dead of winter doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with your outfit. Add a pop of color to your wedding outfit with our printed shirts. Shop for men’s point collar dress shirts at our online store!