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  • Unlimited, Unfettered and Unstoppable – Men’s Fashion at Aayat is All.

    Unlimited, Unfettered and Unstoppable – Men’s Fashion at Aayat is All.

    Developing a signature style and constantly keeping up with trends - most men are finally indulging their fashionable style. Gone are the days when a man would just pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for a family brunch. Now, they have learnt that khakhi shorts can be paired well with floral shirts and casual t-shirts can go a long way with printed shirts worn over as a jacket. What we mean is that constant innovation and an evolving sense of fashion has resulted in menswear that is stylish and/or comfortable.

    Here at Aayat, we have spent days and nights making unique designs that are exclusive on website. Throughout French history you will find a novice, evocative and sometimes androgynous styles that have made their mark in men’s fashion forever. Our floral shirts are a call back to those beautiful French designs that are as fresh as a jardin, so you always stand out in a crowd. They are suitable for both casual and formal wear – and are perfectly contemporary for the contemporary man.

    As for printed shirts, choose from our modern prints for that wild side in you, that can only be expressed in clothing. It is true that clothes speak volumes – about who you are and where you are in life. Make the perfect statement about with our unique styles that are bound to make you confident. The statement that clothes maketh a man is true but so is the statement that only a man can choose what to make of the clothes. What one does with our bold prints, our classic neutrals and our beautiful florals is up to the man. It is time for you to take bold strides towards being an active buyer because long gone are days that fashion was synonymous with women. It brings us pride and pleasure to see men investing in fashion.

    You will find that our colours and designs are a perfect blend of modern and classic. All of them inspired and derived from a strive to be authentic and original. We believe that authenticity is the only thing that people remember – and what other way to make an impression than through fashion. Aayat has always strived to develop signature styles and unique patterns. Be it the exoticness of the Mediterranean or the provocative yet subliminal French fashion – we have got it all. But all this would make no sense if there wasn’t a sophistication attached to all this.

    We have learnt over the years that sophistication and class are up to the people and the choices they make. The same applies to clothes. Sophistication, intimidation, assertiveness, breeziness – every vibe, all depends on what you do with what you have. The difference between business mode and casual is the sleeve’s distance from the arm to the elbow. It all depends on you. As for us, we will keep doing what we know best – bringing you dedicated and original styles.