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  • What is Mediterranean Fashion and Why You Should Get Into It Now!

    What is Mediterranean Fashion and Why You Should Get Into It Now!

    When men’s clothing comes into question, what follows are interjects like - is it too formal, is it not formal enough, is it too dandy or not, too feminine, or not? These questions have only increased in number as time has gone by. No matter what the questions are, aayatmenswear.com has one agenda - to make you look best and your most comfortable self. What this comfort level is, is up to you.

    Which is why we have gone across the ocean and chosen for a fresh, unique yet comfortable trend of Mediterranean fashion. Specifically, Mediteranean shirts. Contrary to popular belief, it is neither homogenous or monotone, nor is it dull. A reminder of Europe’s days of glory, Mediterranean fashion evokes a feeling of classic style that has been inculcated over many ages, but also looks organically fresh even now. This is the kind of feeling we want the wearer of our Mediterranean shirts to experience.

    A reminder of the times gone by, but a hope for the times to come. Anyone who tells you clothes aren’t symbolic is lying. Every piece of clothing is meant to mean something. There are no two ways about this. Our shirts are generally known to mean many things at once at the blend comfort and edginess, to be fashionable yet different. The Mediterranean Collection at Aayat fulfils another such purpose - to be as versatile while staying stable. It can become a semi-formal cotton shirt dress that can also function as a breezy summer shirt. It can be worn with a winter jacket or worn as a summer jacket.

    The possibilities are endless. All of this and we still haven’t talked about how much this style is transferable across borders - this is now world fashion resulting from internationalization of fashion. In simple words, you can wear our world-class Mediterranean shirts in any part of the world. You will find yourself becoming part of a larger circle of fashion which nudges towards the Island.

    This Island fashion has grown to be one of our personal favourites and is bound to be yours. Whether you like the sea or not is out of the question. What matters is that everyone likes a little bit of breeze. Which is why we bring to you our range of Mediterranean shirts in solid colours. They are exactly what you need in these times as the world feels closer and smaller. Clothes mean many things and if they help you feel free, remove this stangancy that you feel bound to, integrate you with a larger world of fashion, then we are happy to be your agent in this service. For clothes that mean more, aayatmenswear.com