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  • Why Printed Shirts for Men are Here to Stay!

    Why Printed Shirts for Men are Here to Stay!

    Many people shy away from prints and designs when it comes to menswear, especially printed shirts for men. There is some apprehension and most men shy away from them because of how, for lack of a better word, ‘extra’ they are. But what men don’t understand is that there is a certain charm attached to these printed shirts that make them so wearable. 

    Sophistication, when it comes to fashion, is always desired. But sophistication comes more from the man and the ensemble than from individual pieces of clothing. So, if you find someone putting down printed shirts for men or men’s floral shirts because of how loud, wild or aloof they may seem, then they are wrong. If you want to wear a shirt that screams for you or a shirt that lets you hide in a corner – then you should be able to do that. A stark white shirt stops making you automatically trustworthy if your hair is disheveled and you are wearing tiger-print oval sunglasses. The overall vibe that you want to send into your surroundings is a combination of your outfit a whole, your energy and the way you carry yourself.

    Printed shirts will stay in trend and in use is precisely because of how they let you express yourself. How they add to your personality and contribute to your overall look and feel. One of the other reasons is because they can be designed in so many different styles – contemporary, graphic, floral, geometric, etc. Each being unique and saying something different about different people. They can be worn at different places, different events and for different uses. Their versatility is their biggest attraction – also making Aayat Menswear a champion for printed shirts for men. A single shirt can be used for various purposes making for smart fashion.

    You find that at Aayat Menswear, durability is give as much importance as dedication to design. Cotton shirts are more and more preferred because of their long-life and natural fabric. They are easy to wear and move around in, with low maintenance as opposed to linen and other formal shirts. They automatically make you feel approachable and appealing as opposed to up-tight. Our patterns and styles are authentic and inspired by European fashion which has managed to stay relevant across centuries. When we say printed shirts are here to stay, we mean it. With a range that surpasses many other styles, printed shirts can be worn at work or parties, at home or on vacations, day or night and throughout seasons.

    But more than anything, printed shirts for men are simply fun to wear. They are funky and stylish, look and feel fresh and new. They can stand for a yearn for adventure as well as a quiet night under the stars. We’ve just begun on our journey of printed fashion for men and we will continue to explore more and we hope that you join us on this ride!