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Paris may be the city of lights and of love, but go beyond Paris. France extends and embraces so much more: each city and landscape with its own distinctive feel. In Aayat’s premiere collection, the spirit and spark of seven cities of the French Countryside animate seven unique prints.

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Mediterrane Inspired Collection

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The Mediterranean is at the crossroads of three continents, which are Europe, Africa, and Asia. Each of these continents embodies a wide array of distinctive landscape & architecture. In Aayat’s “Mediterranean Collection”, the distinguishing architecture & landscape of different Mediterranean cities have been portrayed through nine unique prints.

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Men’s Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are a closet staple for all men. They are stylish, versatile and flattering on everybody. Either dress them up for a formal occasion or dress them down for a more casual spin! You can wear them to a wedding, an office event, an engagement party or any other occasion that requires you to dress in your elegant and stylish best. Discover a thoughtfully crafted collection of premium quality printed shirts for men at Aayat. Choose shirts not only from an array of colors, prints & styles but also from different removable cuffs and collars options. Explore our selection of men’s printed shirts to find one that makes you look and feel like your absolute best.

Printed Shirts Tailored To Perfection

For occasions that demand formality, Aayat has just what you need — a selection of printed shirts that exude classic style with a contemporary appeal. All our shirts are designed to meet and exceed all your expectations with their exquisite prints, impeccable tailoring and meticulous attention to detail. Made from premium quality fabrics sourced only from the most reputed textile mills around the world, our shirts offer unmatched style without sacrificing comfort. Find printed shirts for men that can help you create effortless yet sophisticated looks for every corporate event or cocktail party. Aayat is here to redefine your style with ease.

We believe that the perfect shirt is one that can be worn to suit any occasion or style preference. Our collection of shirts embraces this idea, offering dynamic designs to suit every need and match every taste. Buy our exclusive men’s printed shirts with different collar and cuff styles that provide you the opportunity to remove and change the cuff and collar for distinctive looks. Pair them with your favorite trousers or jeans, or layer them under a dinner jacket – the styling options are endless.

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Gone are the days when the only choice men had was to put on the same ol’ plain shirts that were neither stylish nor flattering. At Aayat, we offer you the opportunity to take your pick from a selection of high-fashion shirts with gorgeous prints and striking details. With their fitted shape and unique designs, they can create instant visual interest, while also providing a slimming effect. Our premiere French countryside-inspired collection brings together the unique beauty and charm of seven French cities – Alsace, St. Tropez, Nantes, Marseille, Montpellier, Versailles and Cannes.

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One feature that defines all wardrobes is color, and our collection of Mediterranean-inspired shirts provide a great mix of subtle and muted hues. Go beyond the sterile neutrals and discover elegant colors and prints inspired by the stunning architecture and landscape of different Mediterranean cities, which are Valencia, Tripoli, Tangier, Marrakech, Monaco, Melila, Marbela, Ibiza and Bastia. Find prints and shades like blue, purple and more), which complement trousers and jackets of every style.

Our printed shirts for men are designed to offer more than functionality and convenience. They are a sleek and sophisticated alternative to regular linen or denim shirts. Choose from an assortment of shirt designs only at Aayat..