Mens Floral Shirts

Paris may be the city of lights and of love, but go beyond Paris. France extends and embraces so much more: each city and landscape with its own distinctive feel. In Aayat’s premiere collection, the spirit and spark of seven cities of the French Countryside animate seven unique prints.

Bright, romantic Colmar reflects the Alsace city’s colorful timbered houses. St. Tropez marries exotic florals with a deep blue ground like the Mediterranean Sea at night. The soft white and yellow flowers of Nantes pop against a dark grey background like the old tuffeau stone buildings pop amongst the 20th century buildings. Mixing the highly ornamented with the meticulously planned, Marseille is a print that matches both the regimented detail or Corbusier’s Brutalism and the ancient architecture of one of the world’s oldest ports.

Montpellier is a mix of ancient and modern, just like the city, a muted but classic color combination meets a lightly abstracted print. Versailles rich colors and Baroque patterns echo the decadence of the famous palace. Cannes, with its dark greys and light accents, calls to mind the glamor of the silver screen and this French Riviera city.