Men's patterned Dress Shirts

The Mediterranean is at the crossroads of three continents, which are Europe, Africa, and Asia. Each of these continents embodies a wide array of distinctive landscape & architecture. In Aayat’s “Mediterranean Collection”, the distinguishing architecture & landscape of different Mediterranean cities have been portrayed through nine unique prints.

The futuristic print of Valencia reflects Spain’s port city, which is famous for arts & sciences. Tripoli’s intricate designs & hues are reminiscences of the ottoman architecture of Lebanon. The elaborate geometric patterns & bright colors of Tangier & Marrakesh remind us of the influence of Islamic Calligraphy on Moroccan architecture & the colorful gardens of Morocco. The Gray & Black constricted print of Monaco resembles France’s southwest Riviera consisting of sharp hills and narrow coastlines.

Melila & Marbela are mixes of ancient and modern, just like the Spanish autonomous cities, where muted but classic patterns meet the modern floral prints. The subdued blue & white texture reminds us of the mysterious architecture & the landscape of Ibiza, while Bastia, with its pink floral patterns against the dark Navy background, calls to mind the glamor of the French Riviera.